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Monday, February 7, 2011

Congrats Cheeseheads.

No, I didn't bother watching Super Bowl whatever-number-it-is. But it was all over the news this morning. Whatever. It was more interesting than listening to an hour and a half about the DNC, that the news ran the other week. Oi. Yeah, more jobs. For a week at the most, and then it's all going to dissappear again. All the crime will be scared off by all the secret service, and coming to the surrounding areas (I.E. *HERE*).  If Obama doesn't make a second term, there will be riots. Hmmm, what else. All that extra money will go towards a new wing for the NASCAR hall of fame, or something equally stupid. Charlotte has already shown signs of "we haven't thought this through all the way", as evidenced by the fact they now are trying to figure out how to re-route the bus service to make thing safer. Yup, we're flirting with disaster.

You heard it here first, allow me to go on and say "I told you so", even though it's still almost 2 years away.

But this was a football post, was it not? Uhhmmm....where was I? I told you all I had IADD (Internet Attention Deficit Disorder) Oh yeah. Congrats Cheeseheads. Now keep your damn snow to yourselves.

Moving on..... I have some seeds starting to sprout on the kitchen table. Well, they're in little trays, but the trays are in the kitchen on the table. It's in front of the window. The big debate is whether or not I'll plant them in a garden type setting this year, or grow them in pots like I did the first year. I have tomatoes, both the big kind you put on a sandwich and the little "cherry" type, and some jalapeno and bell peppers going.... we'll see what comes up in the next little while.

Happy birthday to Davidus over there.... And no, I wasn't the one who toilet papered your Tardis. That was someone else... Who just happens to look like me...



  1. Thanks for the Birthday wishes you TARDIS vandal.

    Oh, we in the UK do FOOTBALL, what you americans get up is just......NOT.

    In a garden-type setting!!!! Hmmm, me thinks that a confession of some sort. Does your garden go around pretending to be a flyover?? Or a layby?? or hasn't yet gotten out of bed yet??

    Tut - these gardeners eh??

  2. I hate football, and we all have to help pay for it every time we buy almost anything. The NFL has a real good scam going there, they don't even have to build their own stadiums, at least Nascar builds their tracks with their own money and racing is a lot more fun to watch.

    And the racers don't make the big bucks unless they earn it. Fuck football.


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