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Friday, January 14, 2011

Yeah, I know. *two* posts in *one* day. How can you stand it??

Just a couple-three random things, before I head out to enjoy da weekend:

File this under  "Why the south sucks, #445":  So apparently, to make up some of the time lost in all the recent icy weather, Mecklenburg county, in their infinite wisdom, is deciding to hold school on Monday.  This is apparently a problem for NAACP members, who feel keeping your child out of school (and therefore, to me, keeping them ignorant) is more important than what Mr. King would have wanted: an education for your children, so that they can be better than their parents.  Does anyone else think this has to be the most retarded thing EVER? Considering his actual birthday is *Saturday*, not *Monday* (I oughta know, mine is the same day!), it ought not to be a big deal.  But no, parents are being encouraged to keep their kids home. After all that fuss about integrating the schools.  How stupid. Yet another reason I need to get out of the south.

Of course, the folks in California don't appear to be too much brighter. How in the HELL does one confuse rat poison for candy?  Even more puzzling, why would you eat something randomly lying on top of a filing cabinet? Darwinism in action, folks.

Another reason I don't trust dogs too much: As she bent down to whisper 'bye to one of her pooches, Martha Stewart got knocked in the lip and needed stitches. What the dog was trying to say: "breath mint, bitch!" DENIED.

And now, for the opinion o' the day:

There seems to be a lot of "aiming" going on, ever since that loon decided to open fire in Arizona.  Repubs vs. Dems vs. gun control vs. NRA vs. TEA party and so on and so on. There were even hints of occultism there, at the outset when it first happened.  Oooooo, he's got an ALTAR with SKULLS on it. In the back yard.  Oooooo........

Lemmie let you in on a little secret, folks.

............This had nothing to do with any of that crap. This was a sick individual who badly needed help. 

That's all. Don't read more into it than is there, folks. 

Signing off, so's I can enjoy da weekend!

Catch ya on the flipside


  1. My kids still have Monday off. I live in the "most racially integrated part of the Triange", so I'm pretty sure that going to school on MLK day is off the table, completely.

    I don't get it off at work, either. I used to, at my old job, but then people complained that they didn't want the day off, and so the management took the day away.


  2. He was more than a sick man that needed help, he was a borderline genius that tripped over the line into the pit of insanity.

    And so it goes, enjoy your weekend.

  3. Yeah, that doesn't make a lot of sense. Good stuff.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my place today.


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