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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why thank you, asshole.

So when I went out to the car to grab my lunch-box out of the car yesterday, this is what I found.  I'm sorry, but if you can't even park your Honda Accord in the lines(it's not a big car, folks) you need to not be driving.  Especially if you REALLY think you need an extra 3 feet so you can get out of YOUR car. 

I realize I am a little over protective of my car.
I also realize that, sooner or later, I'm gonna get a ding in this thing.

But when I see stupidity like this, I see red. And it ain't just the paint job.

Fortunately, this asshat was gone when I went to leave. This is good. If I had had to climb through the passenger side to get into my car, I would have left one HELLUVA post-it on their windshield. Even better that there were no scratches. Cause I DO have the original photo. With the licence tag on it. ;)

I need me some of those fake parking tickets you can get, ones that read, "nice car, ASSHOLE. Let me know when you learn how to park it."



  1. Why need fake parking tickets. Paintspray will do just as good a job, and will avoid two different red cars colour clashiing with each other. :)

  2. That bugs the fuck out of me also. But I'm not Martha Stewart so I don't care that my truck has some dings in it and I'm willing to put a ding in the side of a Honda with my truck door (or my foot) because the owner is a fucking idiot.


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