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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Visual. Gags. Daily.

With the advent of the new year, it's time to try a few new things.  I figure hell, if a homeless man can land a gig doing radio, surely any fool can be gainfully employed simply by hanging out by the roadside with a cardboard sign. No, you say? Darn. And I had it all worked out. I'd hitchhike all the way to downtown Hicksville (which has more than one stoplight, BTW) and hope someone from the Today show or GMA would drive by in need of a plant nerd. But no, I guess not.

Sure, just crush a gal's dream that way.  But it made one helluva funny picture, didn't it?

A hearty thank you to Dent, who, while not understanding quite why I found the idea funny, at least was a good sport and took the picture.

You folks out west need to keep your snow where it belongs--as in, not here.  Yeah. I like snow. But not when I have someplace to be, man. As I watch out the window, the blue sky begins to cloud....oh so slowly... They're expecting it to sneak in late this evening.  It's been colder than hell today (cold in January? Whodathunkit?) meaning that whatever we get, it's sure to stick, and it's going to be around here for a while.

This semester I get to collect bugs, plant diseases, and weeds for a pest control class. Joy. But who else would you find in a pest control class but a pesty lil fay? Anyhoo.

Digging out the shovel, to at least dig out the steps after it stops snowing. It ain't looking good.



  1. Hum, new look here, kind of interesting, if the picture at the top keeps changing. No offense of course, you look fine there, just saying is all.

    Well, I guess one that fucks with plants is better than one that fucks with assholes. Really, why would anyone want to be a proctologist?

    Save the assholes
    Save the assholes

    Oh hell, never mind, I gotta go now. *waves goodbye*

  2. Don't ya just love winter? Me, I'd love it if we were looking at 80+ degree temps. But then Prime would whine about it. ;)


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