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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow day #3

"...Country roooaadddsss...take me hommmee...tooo the plaaaace I belllooonngggg....West Virginiaaaaa mountain mamaaaa take me hommmeee country rooooadddsss....."

Sorry.This isn't West Virginia. It's a snapshot of our drive after it was scraped. You'll note there's still enough stuff in the dirt to make things slick.  You think asphalt gets slippery in ice? Try frozen red clay on for size. But that's the price you pay for living in the sticks, more than happy to pay it. Once in a while, that is. NOT TWICE IN THREE WEEKS!

I think it goes without saying I'm going crazy here.  Whether I'm suffering from cabin fever or just "greenhouse withdrawal" I don't know.  I've repotted things here at the house, and crunched around the trailer snapping off the icicles that keep forming on the front steps' railings. (giggling wickedly, I might add...those things look painful!) Every now and then I'll hear the ice as it slides off the roof. It's melting a little bit at a time. But not fast enough for me.

Our neighbors up the street have a little pond. Anyone care to join the polar bears' club, let me know. I'll be the one in the Artic-inspired getup, taking pictures and laughing at you.

I think this time around we got maybe a total of 3-4 inches. Which is somewhat less than what we had on Christmas. Still a pain in the ass, though.

And now, as promised, a "crick" picture.

Of course, if all this stuff is here over the weekend..... I won't have to worry about surprise birthday parties or being dragged "innocently" into some place like IHOP or El Paso and then for some reason being fussed over (I can't get Dent to accept that I simply don't like being fussed over. I could care less about birthdays. It's just another day for me.) Unfortunately, it's supposed to be warmer towards the end of the week. I guess I'll have to use plan B: "I don't feel good".  Which here lately, isn't necessarily a lie.  I've been known to have stomach viruses on Christmas, and migranes on Easter. Really. I've got that knack for timing.

A nice, winter-y shot heading out towards the main road. Leyland cypresses aren't the best things to plant, but they do collect snow beautifully.

Perhaps today I'll do something constructive and rearrange some things and clean, while Dent is at work. (Insert ominous music here).

Or maybe I'll just do the raccoon thing and hibernate.



  1. Count your blessings: you won't have to deal with ice fishing. That's HUGE up here. Me, I can't help but think you'd be a bit of a dipstick to sit on the ice, freezing your butt off to catch a freaking fish. You can re-create that by walking through your grocery store's frozen food section... with less shrinkage.

    Ah birthdays. There comes a time when you realize that you don't want to be reminded that you're getting older. I've pretty much hit that point. x.x

  2. I've been on this rock for 67 years now, none of this shit bothers me any more even though I do bitch some at times. Shit happens, I deal with it, often by just staying home.

    Everything is brought to us by the Creatorofshit. The first cousin to the Creatorofshit is the Fuck Up Fairy, and they are married and have a lot of fucking kids. Hehehehehe

  3. Your part of North By God Carolina looks a lot prettier than my part of North By God Carolina. But then, I still live in a neighborhood, so I have to look at other people when I walk out my door.


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