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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

People whose heads should spontanously explode

#1:  Coupon Suzy

#2:  Kei$ha

# 3: Nicki Minaj

Also, I found the BP gas station in Hartford has an official website! No pictures, though.

Brought home a big box o' dirt today, from school. Thing musta weighed like 40 pounds! I was huffing and puffing to get it out to the car. It reminded me just how outta shape I really am.  Dent had to get it out of the trunk for me when he got home. I think he was impressed that I managed to get it IN the trunk to start with. So now I have dirt. Hopefully the cold will kill any mosquitos that manged to hitchhike from the greenhouse.  Today involved more watering, both the inside plants and out, moving crap from one greenhouse to another, and helping pot daylillies that looked quite dead and dried out (I got assured they'd green up once they were planted, though)

Classes start tomorrow. I guess I ought to go out and check my schedule so I know where I'm going in the morning.



  1. You have dirt? What in the fuck are you living on? Cement? Wait, I have a picture of you on a riding mower with your legs in the air, oh yeah.

    Jesus H. Fucking Christ lady, I'm 67 and can still pick up twice what you can, get with the program.

  2. Um, my coupons didn't load so I have no idea if Suzy found a good deal on her tampons or not.


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