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Monday, January 10, 2011

Not *exactly* a "snowninja".

It was pretty damn funny. I woke up at around 2:30 this morning. Most folks have to pee sooner or later, and this is when I peeked out the window blinds. Nothing. Flash forward to about 6 a.m., when the alarm went off. SNOW. Dayyyyum.

Dent calls in to work. Plant closed? HELL YEAH. They finally got smart. Or, what is more likely, even the BOSS couldn't get out of his driveway this time.

Next step: I call the school. Is the school closed? HELL YEAH AGAIN! BONUS!  Of course, now, it's a matter of digging out a bit. So I grab the shovel and start clearing the back steps. Despite the fact we've nailed down little tread things, and Dent puts sand out there for traction, it's still pretty easy to take a nose-dive off the steps if you aren't paying attention.

I turn, and catch Dent in the midst of clearing off his truck.  Or assulting it with a washer-brush, one of the two. Ski mask and all. You gonna mug frosty the snowman, Dent? ;)

I think my car was glad to see me.

Mr. Landparent was out scraping the road a little bit, along with some folks' driveways. We were much appreciative.

This snow doesn't seem as bad as the one that hit on Christmas. Of course, it hasn't stopped yet, either. And there's ice coming (supposedly--if the forecast doesn't change AGAIN).

Perhaps later, when my boots dry, I'll go take some pictures of the "crick" out back.



  1. A loyal redneck would write, WUZ UP? Just saying.

    Got less than an inch here, I didn't even get to play with my damn snow plow.

  2. Wow. I think you're getting more snow than we are. Not that Prime's complaining...

    At least yours will stay put for the camera. I try and snap a quick shot of Prime and he threatens me with death. And he's so cute, too...


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