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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Newsflash: Co-Op is work.

As I sit here at the computer, tired and with dirt under the fingernails, I ponder my choice of credits this time round. It's only been two days. I have pruned the crap out of things that only get pruned once a year. I cleaned out a small plastic pond that hasn't had the leaves pulled out of it in more than a year (this under a giant ficus, that drops leaves CONSTANTLY).  I have dug through troughs of dirt to salvage plants for folks who may want them (the troughs will be completely cleaned out and re-used starting Thursday) I have watered the plants. And watered the plants. Oh, and watered the plants again. And all this, for the most part, unsupervised.  Oh, there have been passing suggestions from the instructors who've bothered to show up these past couple of days (classes don't officially start till Thursday). But no structure here; it's mostly "if you get the chance, would you mind....."  On the whole, I have enjoyed things. And the greenhouse looks a LOT better now. I have the suspicion no one has bothered to take care of things in there for the last couple of months.  I have met some interesting critters in the dirt, too. There were a LOT of snails, and a slug or three. I even spotted a couple of centipedes. The coolest friends I found though, were the earthworms. I left those in the dirt. You want those in the dirt. 

It's funny, really. I've come home flithier than I ever did working for my previous place of employment (who shall remain namelesscoughCORNINGcoughcough). Yet I enjoy getting this dirty. Probably because THIS dirt will wash off, which is more than I could say about the LAST crap I had to work with. Looked like friggin' Pigpen. Anyhoo.

So tomorrow, I will water the plants. And prune more stuff. And maybe sneak home more unwanted plants and some of that trough dirt. Maybe this time I will get more on the plants than on me.... Both the water and the dirt.

Anyone want a spider plant?



  1. Maybe they let it go to pot for a few months for the next class to start learning on from scratch, maybe not, what in the hell do I know.

    I don't much like gardening and my apple tree fucking hates me, every year I trim it back more and every year that bitch grows back bigger than the year before that. And last year no one was even interested in apples so the deer got them.

    Trade ya an aloe vera for a spider plant.

  2. I apologize In Advance

    Not me, I'm not even going to fucking apologize after the fact.


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