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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Manic Mondays

So in the interest in moving things along, I ended up cooking dinner Saturday... But Dent did bake me a cake. He even put icing on it.

Well, half of it, anyhow.  Why he decided to ice only half of it, only Dent knows.

Today's Co-op involved working with.... OTHER PEOPLE. Folks, it was SO much better by myself. But then I don't work well with others, so I'm not much of the standard to judge by. My "coworkers" involved several people, including
A) Man old enough to be my dad.
B) Half-witted woman who spent the whole time ON THE PHONE.
C) Another woman who regaled us, in detail, about how she's caught her boyfriend cheating.... TMI, lady.

Thank god for MP3 players.  Now, if these folks would quit asking ME questions so I could actually LISTEN to it... Do I  *seriously* look like I know what the heck I am doing? Well, do I? I did manage to get a couple of pictures for the pest control class, though, so it wasn't a total wash.

Moving on.... I call this picture "more money than sense". This car cost more than some people's houses. No, I don't want one.  I'd be too nervous about someone keying the damn thing.  This was in front of me at the stoplight. They turned into the Kia dealer where I bought my car. I thought this was pretty funny.

I'll take 'cars that I have no hope of EVER being able to afford but I'll
test drive anyway', Alex, for $1000."

Finally, here's your "awwwww" of the day. Dent and the Megs, @ South Mountain State Park, right up the street from us. Megs is trying to figure out why we dragged her up the side of a mountain just to see a half frozen waterfall. Dent is just thinking we're just nucking futs.

Perhaps when she's back over the summer (and it is ABOVE freezing), she'll be more receptive to a nature hike.

Time to get the dirt that has mysteriously appeared under my fingernails, and go curl up under a blankie!



  1. Is she trying to look like that cross-eyed possum?

  2. So, is it too cold to smile? You should come up here: wind chills last night in the -50s. Gotta love WI...


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