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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Live! From the greenhouse!

My babies!

Here are the lil planties all set aside for the display. CVCC has its own little booth at the spring garden show thing we do here. The hort classes go a few days ahead of time to help set up, and we add in the plants as we go.

After the show, of course, there is the clean-up.

This is a close-up of the stuff growing in the back of the table. They call it "Varigated Ginger" but somehow I doubt it's related to the stuff you buy in the store (we have that, too, growing in the ground). I had to remove a lot of dead stuff out of this one; I pity the one who ends up having to load it into their truck, the pot must weigh 50 lbs or more!

Still, it IS a pretty plant. If I only had room at the house for one of these. *sigh*.

Below is some stuff that's been planted in the floor of the greenhouse. The big rock thing may of had a fountain at one point, but now all it has is papyrus plants (and mosquitos, in the summer)

This guy is actually a type of fig tree, although it doesn't produce edible fruit to speak of.  The perk is the nifty leaves, which are a pretty green-striped-with-white.

There's some viney things, and big things that look like Elepahant's Ears, but aren't. I'll be able to tell you more about those by the end of the semester; I'm taking what can be best described as "houseplants 101" and I think those fall under that category.

The light is kind of odd in these pictures; I took them yesterday when it was all rainy and gloomy and the temps didn't get out of the 40's outside. I brought along the camera today, though, and got a few more that were worth keeping. So the light will be a little different in the next couple.

During warm weather, the flower beds at school are filled with all sorts of exotic looking plants. But they're still in their pots; the pots are buried just below the ground, where you can't see that they're in the pots. When the cold season comes round again,  they just take everything up and into the greenhouse it goes. As a result, you get stuff blooming at odd times of the year. This is someone in the hibiscus family. They have other ones here that can stay outside because they can stand the cold. This is a tropical one though.  We had to spray her and her sister-plant for aphids. I guess pests don't take a vacation here in the greenhouse.
 You can also take classes teaching you how to grow things. Here we have a bed full of seed trays and a couple other things trying to grow.  The white things sticking up spray a water mist every 10 minutes or so. How it doesn't short out the lights is beyond me.  What a way to run a railroad! But, it works. Some of the stuff is already sprouting.

We hope you've enjoyed this partial tour of "Where Scratch Llikes To Hide When She Should Be Working"



  1. Papyrus plants? As in the stuff used as paper in Egypt? Seriously?

    You have better talents than I. Were I to walk in there, those plants would take a look at me, snicker, then fall over dead. The little bastards hate me...

  2. Yup, papyrus. I can't claim credit for it though, I don't have to do much to take care of it besides make sure the pond has water in it.


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