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Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's Musical Friggin ROULETTE

So here I am, attempting to complete my VERY FIRST ASSIGNMENT in an online course I'm attempting to take. "Music Appreciation". Sounds like it ought to be easy. Except you need Flash 10. Which I apparantly don't have. And find extremely difficult to download over a dial-up connection. Oh well, the audio files ought to be on the CD that I bought at the bookstore.

Insert CD. Click "open to view files".


The first file is titled "235gh6". 

You  mean they can't be decent and put the actual TITLES on this thing?

So after much going around my elbows and finally getting to my ASS, I find the titles. Under media player's "Library" page.

Random clicking on a song. What's THIS? It's like musical russian roulette. BANG.

Currrently listening to something that is (supposedly) "William Tell Overture". But I'm 5:30 into it and it doesn't sound anything LIKE the Lone Ranger. I guess that part comes later. ;) I recognize the title, so I guess there's hope for me.

They also have an "Ohm" track, and a couple of Gregorian Chants. BONUS.

Here we go...8:40... It's the Looooooooooone Ranger! (Dayyyyum, how long IS this friggin thing??)

Wish me luck!

[cranking up speakers]



  1. PS

    Hendel's "Messiah Chorus" runs, "All We Like Sheep"....I about fell out of my chair.

    I could go somewhere with this, stay tuned.

  2. "William Tell Overture".

    Oh hell, that's a no brainer.

    titty rump, titty rump, titty rump, titty rump rump rump.


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