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Friday, January 14, 2011

Bring on the straightjacket!

1812 Overture. All 15:27 minutes of it.

Did we include the cannons on this version of it?


.............No? Damn. But the crashing of cymbols make up for it pretty good.

Seriously glad I don't have neighbors closer than 500 feet.  Although some of the neighbors I used to have when I lived in the duplex, I would have gladly shared some of this stuff. At 3 a.m. Along with bagpipe music. In gratitude for being able to listen to their Tool albums. At all hours of the day and night. Through the wall. Cause that's the kind of generous person  I am.  Don't laugh; you know you've been there.

Yes ladies and gents, Scratch has seriously lost it. If indeed, she ever had it.

Last night involved backing up a pick up truck onto a thin line of the dark. With me holding a flashlight.  In 23 degree weather. But I can't argue; even though Dent had to walk up the road to get his truck, it meant he was able to get to work on time this morning.  And it got me out of the house for a while, even though said trip involved stopping by Lowe's for sand and [shudder] Walmart for some goodies. Cause I was out of Mountain Dew and Dent was suffering from Oreo Withdrawal. 

My car is still here at the house. I will  have to pat its bumper, and tell it that it is ok that it couldn't get up the hill yesterday morning, that I still love it anyway.  Ms. Rio wasn't built to go up icy hills, apparently.  Hopefully things will melt some more today, since it's supposed to get somewhere above freezing soon.


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  1. We had neighbors like that, only they lived above us. And they were rednecks, too. Their favorite song was "Like a Rock", which was what I wanted to smack them upside the head with...

    I was so glad when they got evicted. (Aren't I evil?!)


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