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Friday, December 17, 2010

Your Christmas present from me: no posts for a week! hahahahahah.

Yeah, I know what you all are no doubt thinking NOW.  "Where has that slacker Scratch got to?" At the moment, I'm sitting on a footstool watching the kitchen floor dry. Today is "clean the bathrooms and the floors" day. (Yes, Dent... I won't forget you promised to clean the bathroom.....or that you did forget and that now I'm having to.. .mwhahhah...)

Today is a balmy 50 degrees, as opposed to yesterday, when it didn't get out of the 30's. I actually have the front door open while I wait for stuff to dry and air out.  Got the 'tunes blasting away. If it gets much warmer in here I may have to dig the box fan out of the Meg's's nice to turn off the heat for a little while (next electric bill is gonna be OUTRAGOUS)

Tomorrow is the day where I brave the insanity that is Interstate 40 to rescue the young'in, if only for a week. I may be offline for a few days, while I enjoy da season and the kid. So don't be alarmed if IAIA is unusually quiet till next weekend. I promise I will be back, preferably with more pictures to torment you (If I can just get Dent to take pictures of more than just *me*)

Well, the floor is dry now, so I'm off to finish.... Here's hoping all your days be merry and bright.... wherever you are, and whatever you call this season, be it Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah.........

See Ya 'round.



  1. Fuck christmas, I'm going camping. I love driving highway 40, I've done it from end to end a number of times.

    C'ya when you return, my regards to Dent.

  2. Right now, it's a nice warm 21 degrees, but it feels like 12. And we have a snowstorm on the way. So yeah, white Xmas over here.

    If you'll pardon me, I'm going to get myself entombed in a nice thick bundle of blankets as it's too slagging cold for me. (Gotta love WI.)


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