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Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas, with a vengeance

Just a quick, sleigh-by post....

It's a good thing Bing Crosby is gone now, cause next time I hear "white Christmas" I'm gonna wring someone's neck!

The upside is that I get to hang on to the Megs a little bit longer, a dirt road not being too good for driving on when it's covered in snow (Sadly, the DOT doesn't scrape or salt the dirt roads)

The downside is keeping us from driving each other crazy till I can get her home. 

Christmas was pretty cool, I got socks...yes, socks. crazy, loud brightly colored socks. I have a weakness for the tacky socks.

Dent got one of those swiss army knife wannabe things, with the corkscrew and such. I guess Santa shops at Dollar Tree, too.
Megs got all sorts of things, including a musical keyboard (Including headphones so she won't drive her daddy crazy on the drive home) and some Littlest Pet Shop things.  All in all, we made out OK, Santa managing to get in in spite of the snow.

Well, that's it for the moment. Currently waiting on my shoes to dry so we can go out in the snow AGAIN.... Dent is snoozing and the Megs is taking a nap, too.

Catch you on the flipside! (and hope Christmas was shizzle)


  1. I had a wonderful relaxing weekend camping behind the casino.

    Hey toots, you can get around just fine on those dirt roads, this old country boy has done that plenty of times.

    Ya just put a ton of weight of weight in the back of that truck, I've plowed snow with my two wheel drive truck, without chains.

    Well, I did use a three hundred water tank in the bed and that was about 1 1/2 tons of weight.

  2. Dent got one of those swiss army knife wannabe things, with the corkscrew and such.

    At Home Depot the other day I bought a nice butane pencil torch, it was only eight bucks, it came with a soldering tip also, you can do wood burning with it, always wanted one of them. You can carry one in your pocket in the woods to get a cranky fire started if you need one. Or use the tip to burn your last words in a tree if need be. Us crazy guys like to be prepared for anything.


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