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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, 3:30 pm

.......I said, 'If love has these conditions, I don't understand those songs you love'. She said, 'This is not a love song,  this isn't fantasyland'......

I find myself amused at a friend of ours. I won't name names; you know who you are. He's the sort that reminds me of someone I went to school with. Why, I haven't a clue.  They don't look alike..... The temperment is totally opposite.... Absent mindedness, perhaps. Or perhaps it's those big blue eyes. At any rate, Dent and I have watched this person go through a sucession of ladies...none of which have really been good for him... But what can you say?  The most Dent and I can really do is smile and nod, and wait patiently for the next disaster. Kinda like that Molly Hatchet song.

Cause that's what friends are for.

'.......Don't go too far.......
.......A phosphorescent wave on a tropical sea is a cold fire......'

Decided against posting Christmas party pics from school... You don't want to see a long table of food, and several people giving me dirty looks for whipping out the camera. Scrooges.

Right now Dent is puttering around work, waiting for the big 3:30 to come around...I should be cleaning, instead I'm on this dang computer again,  singing along to Switchfoot (not too well, I might add)

Cause we all want more than just 'okay'.

'........Don't cross the line........
..........The pattern of moonlight on the bedroom floor is a cold fire.....'

Spent the morning up at the dollah-ramma ( 'where everything's a dollar!'  Dent: "How much is this??"), puttering around looking for stuff to put in the Meg's stocking. Found a few things for the Dent as well, but I won't say much about that. Blogger has been pretty inconsistant as to whether or not he gets these posts. Kinda like their photo hosting service.

Stupid blogger.

'.....Don't let me down.......
......The flame at the heart of a pawnbroker's diamond is a cold fire....'

We're anxiously watching the weather here in Hicksville. It's going to be an interesting trip across the mountains Saturday to get the young'in if there's been snow... I don't drive in snow. Hopefully they'll have the back 40 plowed and ready to go by the time I get to Asheville..... Or at least the crazy semi drivers will all be heading in the other direction. Coming off of Black Mountain is no fun even in good weather. Although coming down in fog is fun. Did that once; you couldn't see off the side of the mountain, or too far ahead for that matter.

'.....Don't break the spell......
......The look in your eyes as you head for the door is a cold fire.....'

It seems a little odd to me, that I don't have any "girl" friends around here. No chummy buddy-buddy to go do stuff with. Yeah, I know.... this is my own fault. Dent will tell you I can be the most boringist person EVAH.  I don't do girly stuff. I don't do stuff, period.  My evenings here lately have consisted in fixing dinner, watching Jeopardy!, and rereading books that, in Dent's words, "HOW many times have you read that book, now?" I can't help it; not much out there that holds my attention too awful long any more. 

What is worse, is that I'm caught in between wanting something new to do, and not wanting to leave that boring (but safe) comfort zone. You know the feeling; it's especially difficult in the winter, when it's too cold to do much outside. Which is where I'd rather be, anyhow.  Bad when the country girl gets bored, ain't it?

......Usually when I'm bored this is when the trouble starts.

I'll be around
If you don't push me down too far
I'll be around
If you don't push me down

Every couple of years my life takes a turn for the weird. Someone I know personally dies, or things fall into place that aren't supposed to. Last time the weirdness occured, I met someone in a public library whom I hadn't seen in 10 years, and last time we met, he was booted off a dock so the boyfriend could propose. Yeah. Weirdness.  It's long overdue this time; 2011 is rapidly approaching. Some weird is good; it may well be that this will be the weird to end all weird. Stay tuned.

Love is blind if you are gentle
Love can turn to a long, cold burn...

"Cold Fire" lyrics, courtesy of Rush, from Counterparts.


  1. Feh, I barely leave the house as it is nowadays. It's too damn cold and I'm too tired to do anything on my days off. Not only that, I'm stuck in "edit" mode; I'm trying to get my manuscript shored up so Prime can look at it. Apparently, he really wants to read it, but that's another story. One that involves some minor ass kicking.

    Oh to hell with it--the damn thing is a novel. It's at 97,000+ words. I've written a freaking novel. Yeah, that's one of the many reasons why I haven't been blogging much.

    Okay, staying tuned here. So did ya win the lottery? (Wouldn't that be awesome?)

  2. Love, too bad that concept ever showed up, it's one of the most confusing subjects on this rock. And what in the hell has lust got to do with love?

    Anyway, I like a lot of love songs, and romantic movies. Oh hell, just shoot me now.


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