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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Just a few images for you all, to send out the old, and bring in the new:

Our neighbor, apparently, managed to get enough gunpowder to be able to set off their cannon tonight. Mulitple times. Good thing we aren't trying to sleep (yet).

Arbor Mist (Sangria) ain't too bad, when taken with cheese, summer snausage, and pepperocini. (yeah, we do munchies and junk food on new years eve. Deal with it.)

They show some really weird shit on the local station here. Currently showing: cooking show involving goat. I guess it's ok, as long as the meat hasn't gone baaaad. (sorry, Arbor Mist talking here.)  You can keep the goat cheese vinegarette dressing though.

A superstition claims however you finish out the old year, you will continue the new year through.  I guess this means I will be a tired lil fay with bad teeth and a temper problem.  Again, deal with it.

We went to the Mart O' Wall for the first time in 3 weeks.... we had a gift card that needed disposing of (really the only reason we'd be at the big box store).  Strangely enough, we spotted someone I had classes with, the aforementioned freak I will continue to call "Norman Bates" (He hates his mom, as anyone can tell from overhearing his cell phone conversations with her). This confuses me, as the Big Box Store he works at is not that one, and he does not have a car. Dent suggested he told Mom he had school (which is across the street from this one). I'm thinking perhaps Mom got transferred there; either way, it was disturbing to see him wandering around, and out of all the places to be on new years eve, why would you go to a place like the one you work at if you don't have to go there? Puzzling, to say the least.

Currently in contention to be Worst Mom Ever....we refuse to get cable or satellite.  I blame the father for this one; I'm sorry, the Cartoon Network is NOT a babysitter. She Will Get Over It.

(boom! goes the distant cannon.)

And now, in an effort to appear somewhat traditional, may I present something new in the decor this year:

Some sort of pine, American Holly, and since I couldn't find any holly that had berries on it, some smiliax will have to do..... Some folks used to do this around this time of year, I thought it'd be neat to do this as well. Not much smell from the pine, but the whole evergreen thing lives on. Tomorrow I'll probably put this out on the compost pile.

Gravy pitcher and boat was my folks, hope you enjoy it.

Already took down ALL the decorations, both inside and out. Waiting for that next trip to the storage place, currently they're in a pile in the living room.  I guess this means I need to come up with a new banner?

Boy, lots of thoughts tonight. I don't normally have this many. Anyway, hope you all have a good (and safe) new year.  I'll be the grumpy lil fairy busily pulling the red things off the pointsetta tomorrow, and hoping the fools with the cannon get it out of their system before the hangover sets in.



  1. I have a 4th of July rocket from 1987 but I'm feeling to fucking lazy to set it off tonight, besides, it's fucking cold out there.

    Where was I? Oh hell, never mind.

    Have a good year even if all of it isn't happy, shit happens, we'll just have to deal with it.

  2. What in the hell is pepperocini? Hand some over and no one gets hurt.

    Local channel? Fuck, I don't watch no TV unless I rent a movie, or get one from the library.

    (boom! goes the distant cannon.)

    jesusfuckingchrist, do you know how much gun powder costs these days?

    I was half shit faced and in bed by 8:30, didn't hear any of the bangs around here. I did get up at midnight, to take a piss before passing out again.


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