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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Were you to call the house right'd probably hear this

"......[beep beep beep] This line is busy....."
(damn dial-up!)

Ok, so if you called on the CELL PHONE you'd hear the washing machine, dryer, and heater going as I frantically catch up on the cleaning.  So much to do, so much to do. Yeah, I know what you're probably thinking..............

......................I'd be done with it already if I would just TURN OFF THE EVIL MACHINE OF COMPUTING.  Yeah, I know. I'm the Queen of pro-crastination this week.  Don't worry folks; this is only a temporary pause in activity. I've been up since  6:00 this morning. I spent a nail biting  45 minutes waiting for Dent to call and tell me he'd got to work safely (freezing rain on all the roads, and his bosses are too retarded to close the plant) and after that I was too wound up to go back to bed. So I cranked up the 'tunes and started on the cleanin' (Now playing: Ariels by System of a Down)

I have got quite a bit done this morning. I have almost managed to clean out the accumulated crap in the clothes basket (which may come in handy when the clothes DRYER stops!) I have managed to put the Meg's room back together (while she's away, we pack her toys and stuff in a plastic box so any rampaging mice who sneak in won't chew up anything). Debating on washing dishes, but that will probably have to wait till I clean out the fridge (is it good when the leftover chicken sits up and waves when you open the door?)

I appear to be missing a glove. I think my hat ate it. Both were in the clothes basket, and now it's gone.  I stuck the hat on my head, for lack of anyplace else to put it.... No, it isn't in the hat.  It'll turn up sooner or later, I guess.

DING! Clothes are done! I gotta run!

Back to the grind! (Now playing: Children by Robert Miles.  All 7 minutes of it.)

Press Play Now.



  1. Seems like most employers can be that retarded. We have our first major snowstorm here and my damn store doesn't shut the hell down. But at least it was excused if you called in. I didn't.

    As long as the leftover chicken doesn't try to eat your face, you're okay. If, however, you overhear it plotting your demise, rent a flamethrower immediately. And use it without hesitation.

  2. I like a shot of peppermint schnapps in my mocha, it helps level things out.


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