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Monday, December 13, 2010

I see red

I was all set to get up this morning and start the madness that is the OHMIGAWD MEGGIE WILL BE HERE IN A WEEK cleaning. You would not BELIEVE how much CRAP accumulates in between visits: half empty lighters and sharp, pointy objects and yes, we still find the occasional can tab. However, when I got up this morning I found myself feeling like utter CRAP.  My grand sense of timing has struck again, if you ladies follow my meaning. So this morning has been spent taking things easy and being completely and utterly LAZY.  I've spent the last little while going from link to link, looking for random things to attract my attention.

First, I found this. Which led me to THIS. I find $38 a bit much for a stuffed animal... But the "awwww" factor is definately there.

No, I don't want one. But be careful; you may end up with the hippo for Christmas.

Cleaning later.


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  1. The crap has been going around hon but it seems to pass in a few days, it hit me also.

    As for shopping, fuck that, I don't do christmas shopping.

    Get well....


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