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Friday, December 10, 2010

Greetings from the Techinicolor Trailer.....

I hope you guys get a giggle out of the new banner...

Today was the first day of exams...but since all my classes had short exams that could be taken during the last days of regular class, I only had one exam to deal with this I am free!

I decided that I had neglected the creek behind the house way too long, and so when I got home I set about to remedy this situation. I grabbed the little tri-stool, my camera and the cell phone, and out I went. It was quite peaceful, though a bit chilly.  I found a few surprises waiting on me. Firstly, tri-stools don't do well in sand. I know; that was a "no, shit!" comment.  I did find some good surprises though.

TRACKS! Coon, or possum, perhaps. A little big for coon but you never know.  We also have skunks and fox roaming around.... They like the little bank, with its rocky sandy soil.  I've found many a sparkly stone on its banks.

And here is some proof on how cold it has been.  There is still ICE in places, even though the water is running at a pretty good clip.

Just before leaving, I took a final farewell, and found a little something that had been left just for me! Judging by all the tappin' going on today, I'd say a woodpecker has been here recently. You never know what you'll find if you look down.

Thank youuuuu for the feather!

Next time: pics of the Christmas party of school, and the "freak" snowstorm last weekend.


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  1. .now I am free!


    So how is that shit working out for you?


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