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Thursday, December 9, 2010

How do you pronounce "cernunnos"?

So in the interest in annoying the local hunters out there, we've put out small salt block things to keep the deer in our back yard and out of the neighbor's fields.  Just until the season ends, mind you....Dent is currently looking for some deer corn to put out as well, but the salt things are working great.  If you hunt, whatever. Just don't do it in my backyard.....Our landlady has a rifle, too, and she LOVES scaring the crap out of hunters who get too close to the property line.....It's fun.

...........Anyone impressed that I know who Cernunnos is? (Don't be, I couldn't remember how to spell it, so I had to look it up). That'd make a good name for a deer, would it not? Yeah, it's Celtic. But how does one pronounce it? Just wonderin'.  In case the one munching on the salt block decides to stay a while.....

AT ANY RATE,  we're just ticking down the days until I go pick up the Megs... we have all the Christmas stuff out, but no tree yet... we wait till we have the Megs to help... I'd like to think she likes to help, or at least hasn't told me she doesn't. You never know; 10 might be too old to be "cool" to decorate the tree any more.  ;)

Today being the last regular day of classes, we had a little get-together in an unused classroom. There was plenty o'munching going on..NOM NOM NOM....and quite a few of my cookies dissappeared, too. This is a good thing.  I got a few pictures, most folks though didn't want their pictrure taken. I'll post pics of that at a later date.

I have one exam tomorrow, and then I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Bwahahahah.

OD'ing on cookies now.


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  1. "Anyone impressed that I know who Cernunnos is?"

    Fuck yeah, I've never seen the word before.


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