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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

So here we are, another turkey day under our belts, so to speak.   It's the Saturday after, and despite assurances we would go no where near anything resembling a store, we did venture out briefly to see friends and family yesterday and Thursday. The drive home was interesting; folks already had those decorations up and lit--you'd think they were in running for the "Make your yard look like the Las Vegas strip" contest or something.  I'm all about those christmas lights, but in the name of all that is tasteful, can we not make them MATCH? We had one house with colored lights, hooked into blinking colored lights, hooked into the "Santa waving like a retard" lawn statue.  Of course, we haven't put up our tree yet, no tellin' what Dent will do to it this year (He still wants a larger tree... We'll see) We attempted to sting one of those light net things over one of the pampas grass clumps, but the lights were way too small, so we just draped it over the front of it. 

I'm kind of running out of pictures to post up here. I have one more set, of stuff taken around school. Would anyone like to see more snaps of the Meggie? I'm very proud of the youngin'.  No, I don't have any more of me posing on things (sorry B.C.C.) I used to have one of me in my car.... I didn't take pictures of dinner Thursday....cause quite frankly I ain't Martha. And I burnt the brown n' serve rolls. Bad me.

At any rate, that's one more holiday out of the way. Next stop: christmas! Wooo hoo!

Coming soon: more ways to annoy you and make you say, "and I care, why??"



  1. Hahahahaha hilarious...sometimes I don't understand..and I care WHY?????????XD
    Great post....

  2. I enjoyed an easy and pleasant day and went to the free community dinner at the catholic church and they even washed the dishes.

    Because my name was called during a drawing I got to pick out a gift, I told the blond guarding the gift tables that I wanted her but that wasn't to be (sigh), I settled on two pairs of socks.

  3. Oh, I did buy a 20 pound turkey, I'll cook it along about May over a campfire.


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