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Monday, November 22, 2010

One Hundred Posts, One Hundred Pictures (5)

Yeah yeah, I know. Just what you wanted to see. Pictures of ME. Well, you were warned. I hope you haven't just eaten. I'm giving you the chance to look away NOW. Click on the "next" link, if you're just passing through. Or the "back" button. Yeah, that works, too.

What? You're STILL here? You must be a glutton for punishment. OK ok, but don't blame me.

THIS is one reason I don't like posting pictures of myself.

Don't I look just lovely on the couch? We were playing around with the timer thing on the camera. Dent wanted a profile picture of the two of us for his myspace page....this was the result. See the deer-in-headlights look? That's me thinking, "was this trip REALLY necessary?"

But wait, there's more.

This is my idea of "looking casual". PJ's and a bright assed lawn tractor I have no intention of ever driving.
Well, Dent thought it was cute. He's the only one. Yeah, I'm turning more redneck every single day.

Not only do I look tired in this picture (large crowds+walking around in boots and a tight corset-like top=tired scratch) but when we asked someone to take a picture of us, someone else wanted in on it too. I thought this was odd, but what could I say?

This is a little  more to my liking, partially because it's got my two favoritist (is that a word?) people in it, but mostly because I am *not* in it. It's a little blurry, it was taken with a camera phone... Meggie is probably 8 or so here, she's 10 now. And I get her for Christmas this year! I can't wait! Her stepmom is responsible for the "pageboy" haircut, but I can't argue-- it's easier to take care of that way.

Well, if I'm going to embarrass myself, I may as well embarrass others, too. No, my driving isn't THAT bad, this is Dent attempting to be silly. The knee in the back seat is the Meg's.

What am I trying to say here? That the sepia setting on the camera is stuck? That I remembered how to use the timer on he camera? Perhaps the sepia setting shows the acne less? I don't know. This was somewhere in the 5 hours between one class and another, which is why I look (surprise surprise) tired. I'm sitting in the front seat of my car. Those things on my head (if you couldn't tell) are glasses. I need them to drive now.

Anyone out there listen to Simon and Garfunkel? "I am a rock I am an iiiiiislanddd...." No. Not really. This was at a park in Morganton. Dent's sign reads "This is how I roll....". Don't ask. You really don't want to know.

This is a little more to my liking. My hair was a little bit longer, and I'm not tired. Well, not so much. I'm also sitting on a jungle gym in the middle of a park... no, I'm not smiling, dammit.

This was at the beginning of the day.... I'm all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Whatever that means. And Dent is SMILING. That in itself is cause for worry. OK Dent, what are you plotting at the ren faire? Hmmmmmm?

I'll leave you with this one. At least this angle you can see more freckles and if you get tired of looking at me, there's always the roses in the background to keep you busy.

At any rate, hope you didn't lose your lunch too much.

See ya next time!


  1. Hey, thanks for this post, I like to see pictures of online friends and have posted a lot of me when I'm around someone to take a picture of me on my adventures.

    And I've posted a few short videos of me.

    I think you look fine, stop being such a critic of yourself.

    Nice legs, I'll be a gentleman and not say more than that. :-)

    Dent is a lucky man.....

  2. I snatched the picture of you on the mower to put with my pin ups. Hahahaha


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