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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Hundred Posts, One Hundred Pictures (3)

And now, on with the show: Part III: Small Things

There is something about spring that just awakens something inside of us. The little tulips and daffodils peek out of the flowerbeds, briefly, while the next generation of birds appear in nests. I'm figuring these fellows were robins; I don't know any other birds that have blue eggs (although I'm sure there are some)

Oftentimes I'll catch something around the house that isn't supposed to be there--spiders, or centipedes. Usually I catch them and let them go out in the woods. People ask me about that. "Why not squish them?"  Even centipedes have a purpose--some eat decaying leaf matter, others eat insects tinier than themselves.  It's funny; we had several hornworms this year, but the tomato plants, despite losing some leaves, continued to produce tomatoes. I generally leave them alone...the parasitic wasps get to them by the time I see them. For those of you who have ever caught a tomato hornworm in your garden, they serve a purpose too. They make beautiful moths. :)
I have an odd habit of catching little camero critters.... I was aiming for the butterfly, which Dent was kind enough to call over to me.... It wasn't until I got home and looked at the thing I noticed the daddy long legs too... This was taken at Kings Mountain State Park, just over the border in SC.  What Mr. Butterfly was doing that day I'll never know. 

This little fellow was taking a break by my feet. It had been raining, you see, and she needed to dry her wings before she could fly again. I'm kinda surprised a bird didn't get her.
 And here we have our house dragon(fly), guarding our back door. Fierce in battle, he's a terror to mosquitos! What is it with me and bugs?? 

This hard-shelled fellow was crawling around our back yard. I have no clue what kind of beetle this is, other than you can't miss him....

Buzz, buzz, goes the bee...  What can I say? This one, like me, likes the colorful flowers that come out in the fall. Kind of like a last harrah, I guess. Might as well get that pollen in before the frost comes in.

OK ok... I know you're pretty tired of bugs.  But check this out! One more.

This is another "cameo" type picture.  I figured I had enough time to run in and get my camera-- after all, it WAS a snail! When I got back,  I found a lil spider wanting in on the act, too (lower right hand corner).  We have lots of those spiders running around outside. 

Ok, enough bugs.... how about something that eats them?

RIBBIT! This little fellow was at the nursery up the road from us.  He was actually quite small; I'd say only a couple of inches or so--and he was one of the bigger ones! (most of them were 1/4 inch or smaller!) He was hanging out with the potted plants waiting on mosquitos from the drainage pond. Doesn't he look hungry??

Last one O'the night! This is what I took to be a tree frog climbing up the trailer. (we have toads, but they don't climb)

That's all for now! I'm currently looking through my stuff for the next batch to post, so it may be a couple of days before you see more!



  1. Nature over produces a lot of insects and not all of them are nice, whoever came up with this bullshit that everything is connected and important was full of shit.

    There's a lot of things here that could die off and things will still work just fine, maybe better, nature is an autistic bitch. Bugs in here get killed, bye bye bug.

    Where was I, spring is nice but I like summers better. I’m not sure what I miss most, summer or sex everyday.

  2. I mean, the few bugs you might stomp in a home are nothing compared to the zillions of them outside. Don't worry about the bugs much, they'll be here long after we are long gone. And they'll be eating up our remains.


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