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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Definition For Today


The voice used when talking indoors. Not shouting when in a public place or uncalled for situation.

From Urban
It's amazing how loud one can be at the library, and one isn't even trying. It's even more amazing how people can be walking through, oblivious to the folks who are studying, reading, or doing other quiet school work, and TALKING AS LOUD AS THEY CAN. Hello? Indoor Voice? And let's just IGNORE the little sign right inside the door that plainly states "QUIET AREA. NO LOUD TALKING. NO CELL PHONE USE." Funny, that folks in the library can't read. Oh, and if you're worried about the volume level on your laptop, lady, here's a thought: EARBUDS.  They work wonders.
Just a thought. Maybe I oughta define "common courtesy" and print it out on a big sign for folks to (not) read.
[climbs down off soapbox]
Where was I? Oh yea. Got post #100 coming up...if blogger is any good at counting (I note it counts drafts as well...stupid Blogger) Soooo...what should I write about? Do you guys want more pictures of school? Or a story about my childhood? (nah, you don't want to hear about my childhood. It sucked and I made a mental note to not whine about THAT any more...) Or just some random thing off the top of my head? What that random thing was doing ON my head, might make a better story, I dunno. ;)

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  1. Pretty quite in the library here although some moron does use a cell phone at times.

    #100 post? Hell, I've done thousands of them.

    What do I want to hear about? Your sexual exploits when younger of course because mine was so lacking. :-)


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