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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Hundred Posts, One Hundred Pictures (2)

Hello again!
First, a little bit of news: Yes, We Are Still Here. Mother Nature apparently got pissed off last night and flattened some homes in the area (one is less than a quarter of a mile from us.). The power went out until about 1:30 this morning...apparently the trees REALLY liked the power lines and went to visit. Scary stuff, when you live in a singlewide trailer surrounded by trees.

In honor of all the neat stuff Mother Nature can do, let me present.....some skyscapes. :)

Thus answering the question: Who has two thumbs and is stupid enough to take pictures while driving? [points to self with thumbs] Scratch the Hostile Fay!  [/obscure Scrubs reference] Southern Appalachia on a rare winter afternoon, when the smog is at a minimum, after dropping my little one off with her father.

I think this falls under the item "sun dog".  Those little mini-rainbows are neat to watch, and they last a little bit longer than a traditional rainbow. Also taken during a wintery afternoon, as the bare trees can tell you.

Uh oh.... it's getting cloudy.....

You could call this picture any number of things. "Highway to Heaven" maybe, or "Stairway to Heaven". Either way, it's nice in a sunstreak-y kind of way.

This was taken at school... Have you noticed a lot of stuff I've taken at school? Perhaps I ought to do a post entirely of stuff at school.  Of course, that would interest only the folks who like looking at buildings, so maybe I'll grab stuff around town instead.

I can hear the news chopper flying overhead now, there must be more than houses flattened nearby...

At any rate,  I find the oddest....situations while driving through Hickory. I'm glad at least THIS cloud knows how to follow traffic signs.

After the rain, the clouds break up, and little fingers of light
reach out to all as if to say, "we hope you enjoyed the rain."

Of course, it's easy to be blinded by the sun, especially when we are used to the darkness. Sometimes we miss what may be right in front of us. Or right overhead, anyway.

Or even, across the street.  You can almost smell the leprachans. Or perhaps it's cow patties.... it IS a pasture after all....

This was taken from the front door to where I was living at the time.

Even more awesome are when you see more than one rainbow. Now, I'm not going to spaz this time...heh heh heh...

"...............WOAH! Double rainbow!" hahahaha.

Ahhhhh...evening is here!

I hope you enjoyed this look up at the world.  If not, check back later, I may have something in the next post you'd like to see. :)



  1. Scary stuff, when you live in a singlewide trailer surrounded by trees.

    If I get lucky and get property in the country I'll remove the trees that could harm the house, turn them into firewood.

    When I'm camping in the winter I'm careful about where I camp at, most of the time, sometimes I just take my chances.

    If the grid goes down I won't know it anyway cuz I'll have my own power system. This place is rigged to run off the grid if it needs to.

    I'm a country boy with country ways. I'm out of coons, guess they wised up, send more stupid coons.

  2. Why do monkeys take pictures of clouds? Anyone that has made it to 30 has already seen tons of them and they are pretty much the same no matter where you are at.

    I don't recall ever taking pictures of clouds, They're just fucking clouds, often raining on my fucking parade.

    Your rainbow end is at a rent a shitter, hahahaha


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