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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moral Dilemma

You have someone you don't always agree with, but whom you respect very much.
He or she gives you something that meant a lot to him or her....but you have no clue what to do with it yourself, as it is little or no use to you. You thank this person, and then you:

A) quietly give it to someone whom you know will appreciate it

B) put it up for your child(ren). Perhaps one day they will use it.

C) give it back to the person, telling them how much you appreciate the gesture, but that you aren't comfortable with having it

Thoughts? Suggestions? Email me if you want specifics, this thing is bothering me.



  1. I have that relationship with my best friend. I would keep it. Maybe I can use it sometimes too.

    I am Fickle Cattle.

  2. First I would tell this person that wants to give you a gift of something you don't want or need if it is okay if you turn it down or if it's okay to pass it on to someone that may want it. And it's not too late to back up and ask that person now so they can give it to someone else if they wish.

    This can be a problem, a lot of it depends on the gift and its value. I man once offered to give me a Cadillac and I have no use for such a car so I asked him if he would give it to a friend that needed a car and that was fine with him.

    So I told this other friend that I could get him a Cadillac if he promised to keep it for two years and he said he would. But that friend has visions of grander and within a year he traded it off on something else, that he ended up losing.

    Anyway, long story, not going to tell it, but we are no longer friends, words and keeping promises are more important than other shit to me.

  3. Hard, well I feel you treasure this person, so it´s better you keep it, tell them if they take constructive criticism or any of that crap with a chilled out look. If not you can also give it to someone who would appreciate it. so I would go for A. do I sound mean and frugal minded?


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