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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hindsight is 50/50, I guess.

Found this little dandy, written in 2005:

"James R. Houghton, chairman of Corning, said he felt little animosity in Corning, N.Y., even though his company had cut thousands of jobs there. "Maybe I'm in an ivory tower, but I think society realizes that 98 percent of businesses are doing the right thing," he said. "The press doesn't write that, because it's the world's most boring story, and because business does a really lousy job of promoting itself."

No mister chairman.... the press doesn't write that, because when you fire a bunch of people at one time you expressly tell them before booting them out the door not to contact the press. Even though we do anyway.  I think buisness is a wonderful story, as long as it doesn't involve MY JOB going to MEXICO so you can hire folks to work $1 a day, just so you and your buddies can afford a new BMW. But that's just my opinion. I only worked there for *4 DAMN YEARS*, what do I know?? According to the engineers, not a damn thing.

But wait, there's more!  In the VERY NEXT PARAGRAPH:

"Business is trying to rectify that. Commercials for Wal-Mart show its employees lauding their benefits and career opportunities...."

Hasn't changed much, eh Weese?

.....I'll be honest. I shop at the local grocery store most of the time. But being out in the boonies, there's crap that you gotta go to wallyworld for... Cause we're out in the middle of nowhere, and who out here carries half the crap wallyworld does? ;)

But anyway, me rambling...forgive my dust, had to rant. Was nice to know SOMEONE was watching Corny and Hell-mart, even if I wasn't paying attention at the time.... ;)


  1. I don't care how they paint it, corporations are fucking crooks, all of them.

    Commercials for Wal-Mart show its employees lauding their benefits and career opportunities...."

    Well fuck, they never hire anyone with an IQ over a 100, so it's easy to brainwash them into thinking they have a great thing.

    And if they do fuck up and hire someone with an IQ over a hundred it's not hard to tell who they are, they're the ones that are not there long. Hehehehe

  2. You know about the whole job fiasco thing, It´s so pissing off.First you don´t get a job, when you do half the time you don´t like it cause your butt is being completely ironed out, and third when you do start liking it, BOOM "YOU ARE FIRED",WHY? well you simply are to expensive to handle, I might as well get some 5 chinese or other Asian to work in your place, saves me bucks you see. Pathetic.
    I hate the job business, and I am not a good business person I guess, I don´t know how the economic conditions would be when I would be hired!!!!!
    Interesting post.

  3. The annoying thing is that I keep bumping into people who tell me how lucky I was to work for them. And these people either never worked there (so they don't realize how STUPID it was), or were the goody-two shoes who got to work wherever they wanted. It's aggrivating.


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