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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Fling, 2010, and other tidbits

As promised, some more stuff to look at. This was taken at "fall fling", where they hype about the school, its classes, and its extracurricular activities.  They usually manage to bring in a DJ, and someone comes in and caters. This time around, it was Myra's, who decided tacos was the way to go. They weren't too bad..... The above pic had something to do with aliens and laser tag...
Carowind's was here this year,  passing out what could laughingly be called "discount" tickets (Damn things were still like $38 at the door for ONE.). They also tried to get folks to hire part-time for the Halloween thing they do every year.  So what you're telling me, mister, is that I get to use up $30 in gas while I drive clear to SC  (and only on weekends!) just so I can make minimum wage scaring the snot out of people? I don't think so.
And here we have a nice shot of the buffet table. FOOD! Not Taco Bell, but hell it was free, what more do you want?
Moving on....

This came from a house we're working on for a school project.  This is a good way to say "Look at how lazy I am! I don't want to weed my flowerbed so I'll stick up a sign..." HA HA HA.

Finally, something from the Sailor Moon vault (AKA the Big Blue Box Taking Up Space In My Daughter's Closet)

So here we are, a full set of Sailor Moon rings. Yes, I know. I need smaller fingers.

Have a good 'un


  1. "I don't want to weed my flowerbed so I'll stick up a sign.."

    Bloody excellent!

  2. The Fall Fling may be fun but it doesn't look very environmentally friendly to me. We're killing ourselves here.

    Carry on then...

  3. Never said Fall Fling was fun... I just go for the free food (which, in retrospect, isn't really free, cause every student gets charged an "activity" fee--this is what they use it on)

    I pretty much ignore the clubs' booths--that after school stuff takes too much effort!


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