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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An excess of emotions

I am happiest when

I plant something--and it lives!

I am saddest when

I see pain around me, and am unable to "fix" it.

I am calmest when

I've had a nice cup of warm tea, with honey

I am angriest when

I read shit like this--all you friggin relatives KNEW she was being abused--WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU WHEN THIS LITTLE GIRL NEEDED YOUR HELP?? WTF?!

I am most confused when

People are nice to me--It isn't a matter of "do I deserve it" or "am I a nice person?"...if you don't know me from Adam, why are you nice to me? What do you want?

I am most in love when

I look into those big brown eyes and he says "I love you!" right after doing something boneheaded!♥

Have a good'un☺


  1. Hilarious that´s all I have to say.I like your sense of humor. I am kind, stupid genes in my body, mom´s generosity kicks in, so don´t mind if I am being kind to you stranger, that´s simply me.
    P.S. I am not a stalker..but I am following you.

    Bleeding Healer

  2. It's a sick fucking planet.

    I'm happiest when camping, or over talking to my best friend Helen that gets me in all ways.

    It's really special to have a friend like that.

  3. Scratch, it's the same reason that no one did anything to help Prime when he was a child. So many people think it's not their place to speak up and say something. Either that, or it's fear. Reading shit like that just destroys what tiny shred of faith I have in humanity... and I'm hovering in the double negative digits here.

    Happiest when:
    I'm writing. Whether it's on Alexa-One or in one of my composition notebooks, there's nothing I enjoy more than writing. It's great to put the images in my head down on paper.

    Most in love when:
    I'm snuggled up in bed next to Prime, he says something sarcastic so I roll over and let loose a huge fart right in his direction, then he slaps me on the ass. Nothing better than that. :)


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