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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apparently, Myspace ain't worth shit, neither

Apparently someone out there decided my Myspace account was worth hacking into. Even though I only have like three people in the "friends" department. I guess they figured, hell, she isn't using it any more, why not? So going to my myspace page downloads one of those "trojan horse" virus things (Thank goodness for Avast).

So now I'm left with the problem of getting the fine folks at the admin to delete it without me having to log into it. Because I'm thinking if I log into  it, someone somewhere will have my password, and that ain't good.

So here I am, sending them emails...and experiencing a strange state of De Ja Vu. Where has this shit happened before? The automatic response. The cut-and-paste reply that, if one thinks about it, doesn't REALLY help at all.

OMG the folks at Myspace have been taken over by Yahoo!.

So check this out, folks, and tell me if this doesn't confuse YOU as much as it does ME.

"Thanks for contacting MySpace.
If you think someone changed your password or you can't log in, here's what you do:
1. click Log In

2. click Forgot your password? (in the right column, under the yellow Log-in button)

3. type in your email address (the one you used to sign up for MySpace), type in the CAPTCHA, and click Send

4. you will get an email from MySpace with a link to a secure page where you can update your password

If that doesn't work, we'll need you to send us a salute:

1. Write MySpace and your MySpace friend ID or your MySpace vanity profile (for example, or on a piece of paper (we call this a salute)

2. Take a photo holding the salute in front of you (right side up, please): Make sure there's a clear view of your lovely face and that it matches your profile photo!

3. Reply to this email from a valid email address, leaving the subject line intact, and attach your salute

4. if you want to change your log-in info, tell us that you'd like to change your email address, and let us know the email address you'd like to use (be sure the email address is not associated with another MySpace profile)

5. if you'd prefer to have us delete the profile so you can start over, just let us know (make sure you add your email address to your salute and write us from that email address)

Important stuff to know:

- if you don't have a camera, consider using a cell phone camera, or using your own or a friend's Web cam to take a photo

- the salute photo must be in full color (no Sepia, black and white, etc.)

no one else can be in the salute photo with you (unless this is for a band or artist profile)
- you must be able to see you holding the salute in the photo you submit (in other words, we want to see your hands holding the Salute with a clear view of your face; no Photoshop)

- you MUST have a photo in your MySpace profile that clearly shows your face

- the salute must be hand-written (we cannot accept typed salutes)

- salutes cannot be submitted by posting them to your MySpace profile and sending us a link

- MySpace will never ask you to submit a video or webcam salute, so if you get an email message or MySpace message asking you to do so, please let us know at once!

- if the password for your email is the same as the password for your MySpace account, we suggest you change the password on your email to ensure your safety and security on MySpace

If this doesn't help, please reply to this email, leaving the subject line intact, and let us know how we can further assist you. We look forward to resolving your issue soon!


The MySpace Support team"
Uh...yeah. What does one do if there isn't a picture of one on the site? I wasn't into posting pictures of myself at the time, so I don't think there is one up there to verify against.  I suppose I could pose with the picture of the covered bridge... or go back TO the covered bridge and take a picture of myself ON it.... Currently waiting on a reply that tells me "yes, Virginia, we DO read your emails!" Not expecting one, though.


  1. Jesus, Mind boggling, I hope my account never gets hacked, it's so freakin tiring, They don't even make sense half the time, instead of understanding the porblem straightforward, they wish to elaborate and blabber, to show their abundance of knowledge.
    Good luck though.

  2. I have never done myspace or facebook or any other blog sites other than my blogs at Blog Spot.

    Why jump all over the fucking map? Pick something and stick with it, it's like deciding who you want to marry, or at least want to settle down with.

    Blogger is all I've ever done, it's all I'll ever fucking do, sometimes I don't like the bitch but we work it out in the end.

    I'll always be there for you baby, just like stink on shit.

  3. Hey, why in the hell do you have word verification when you have moderation? I don't like the extra work, do I ask you for word verification?

    Hell no, everyone has an express lane into my comments.


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