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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stuff that makes me cry.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking.  Snarly, bitchy Scratch has a softer side? NO WAY. But yes, there IS stuff that makes me run and grab the hankies... Here's a few things that make my eyes run and my nose turn red:

"Your Wildest Dreams" (Moody Blues). My mother's favorite song...My mother died back in 1987, BTW.

The pictures in this book-- I checked it out from the library here, and I couldn't believe it..and this was published 12 years ago. I doubt it's improved any.  Go look for yourself, at the book and the area in question, and tell me if *you* manage to keep your eyes dry.

Charlotte's Web--regardless of whether we're talking about the cartoon that came out when we were little ones, or the movie that came out a few years ago.... I still start bawling. I took my daughter to see it when it was in theaters....and she couldn't understand why mom cried through the whole movie... Well DUH. I KNOW HOW IT ENDS. Even if you *don't* like spiders, it's hard to watch this one die.

"The Leader of the Band"(Dan Fogelberg) This song reminds me a lot of my dad. If you'd seen my dad lately, you'd understand why it chokes me up so much.

The ending of Return of the King. There's nothing like watching something you grew up with reading, turned into an awesome series of movies, finally coming to a close. Even if they DID leave some things out.... This is one of the few movies that my attention span will allow me to sit through.

There's probably more, but if I think about it any more, I'm gonna need the Kleenex.


  1. You read some weird shit that fucks with your brain, I mostly stick with non fiction, it's fucking strange enough.

    There's probably more, but if I think about it any more, I'm gonna need the Kleenex.

    No clue how old you are but there will become the day if you make it that far that you will need Depends, hahahhaha

  2. My computer is sick, I'm going to be off line for a week or so while I cure it. Be careful out there while I'm gone.

  3. Slag that makes me cry... uh, let's see:

    That stupid scene from the '07 Transformers movie. Sector Seven taking down Bumblebee. Damn near all of my friends rag me about it but I simply. Can't. Watch.

    This scene and song. When I was four, the meaning just flew over my head. Now that I'm older, it doesn't and I cry every time I watch this.

    This song. I know what's going to happen and I bawl every single time. (If you've had a pet, do not watch. You will cry.)


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