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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Stuff To Look At.

Quick update: they caught the scumbag, in Niagra Falls of all places.  I wonder how popular he'll be in jail. On the one hand, he killed the daughter of the chief of police. Yeah! Street "cred".  However, he's also a sex offender, and those don't do too well in jail, especially ones who went after children.  I hope Mr. molester likes being made someone's "bitch".  He looks the part, with this scrawny chicken neck self.  But dat's all I'm gonna say about dat.

And now, on with the show.

This sweetgum has to be at least 30 years old.  I'm kinda surprised it's survived the concrete jungle that CVCC has built up around it. But here it is, and here it still stands, just across from the new student center they're building.
The next picture may creep you out a tad, but I couldn't resist. She was so lovely, so graceful.... and munching away on mosquitos, you can't beat that.

I found her hanging out on the side of the greenhouse at school. It's about that time of year, when the real big spiders come out to play. It's time to munch on bugs, so that they can lay the eggs for the next year's brood (Is that the proper term for a group of baby spiders? Brood?) At any rate, she was so beautiful (and I felt she was posing just for me!) I had to snap a pic before class. I brought Dent through there yesterday afternoon to show her off and he liked her, too.

Finally, one more from our yard.

 You can almost imagine a little fairy using this to sit on, or at the least, using it as a table! It was pretty big (before Dent mowed it down with the lawnmower)

Enjoy the pictures! Catch you all on the flipside.
Have a good 'un

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  1. They caught him? Hell, that's going to cost the taxpayers a lot of money, they should have just shot him on the spot.

    Ah, Earnhardt, I'm a Ford man but I idolized Earnhardt even though he drove Chev's. That man rocked. I used to race some myself, just small time stuff. Hardly ever watch a Nascar race anymore.

    You're missing the whole point about bibles, if they wasn't here they wouldn't be read and idiots wouldn't be causing so many problems because of them.

    Bibles fuck these monkeys up, they all need to be burned. And why do so called christians think that some god gave them the right to speed and text and kill with their monkeymobiles.

    I don't give a crap if they kill themselves, good riddance to them, but they kill others also. They sure don't seem to have much respect for life.


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