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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Memory Lane is in my Closet

So here I am, cleaning out my closet.....or at the very least, looking over the crap accumulated in 35 years of living on this planet. Most things from my past have gone the way of the dodo.... gone to goodwill, given to friends and family, or just plain thrown away. But somehow, I have managed to hold on to certain things. I have glassware of my mom's, in the borrowed china cabinet. There's that old wagon bench that I like to think was made by my grandfather, but somehow I don't think it's THAT old (maybe my dad made it?). And in the depths of the closet, in a giant Sterlite box, are some items from Sailor Moon.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking. "Sailor Moon? No one has really cared about that for YEARS." You may be right, judging from the amount of web sites out there, that haven't been updated since 2000. So it's a little dishartening that I haven't seen a whole lot of stuff that I have, and what I have seen, people have had a major beef with. Not that I'm planning on selling any of it, mind you, but it would be nice to know how much this stuff is worth.

I'll give you a major "for instance" here. Two little words: Bandai America. What was the deal with these?

"AAAHHHH! I'm in a box!"
Yea, they're clunky (and they're all wearing BOOTS!). But there is NO reason for the Bandai Vs. Irwin trash talk I've seen here on the 'net.  I've seen pictures of the Irwin toys. Wish I could have found those--unfortunately the only Irwin  toys I could find here  looked like THIS.

Still clunky, and WTF was up with the facial expression? I'll stick with the Bandai ones, thanks, even if they ARE wearing boots. I had major sentimental value with these ladies, and I don't care overmuch what folks think, I like the Bandai dolls much, MUCH better.

I have more stuff, that I'll post later, as I find it. Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone want a Irwin Venus doll cheap? (That I *would* probably sell, if someone asked me!)

Off to play with m'dolls (no, not really.)



  1. You're only 35? Boy, do you have a lot to learn yet. By the time you're my age you'll really be pissed off. If you make it to my age.

  2. (Tried to post a comment a few days ago, but Blogger had to repeatedly time out on me. Gotta love it.)

    I do believe I still have those hidden someplace; Prime and I were able to snag some of the ones Irwin did as well (they did Sailor Chibi Moon and the Outer Senshi). Oh, and I totally got Prime hooked on the show. I am so evil. >:]

    I even have a few of the plushes. Prime has teased me relentlessly about Tuxedo Mask. But hey, he has a crush on Rogue so it all evens out. XD


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