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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Links and things

Hmm. Maybe I ought not to post this one, Weasel sees enough of this crap already. Of course, she may already have this link on her site, I didn't scroll too much past

What the hell.

people of walmart

Next time you go through Hickory, go eat at this place. All I can say is: CALZONES. Oh, and YUM.  Those two words definitely go together.  Plus, the owners are from "New Yawk" and are FRICKIN HILARIOUS.

Mamma's Pizza

I've had a weird week. Attended the visitation for this young lady, felt SO bad for her hubby, he's an instructor at my school. I might not agree all the time with how this dude teaches, but no one deserves THIS. RIP my dear.

Tracy Jenkins

What else is new? Oh yea, attempting to sell some of my photography and laughingly calling it "fine art".  But I guess if you didn't want it as a jumbo print, there's always the option of getting it put on greeting cards..... What's amazing is that people are "following" me.  After only a few images I have fans? OK, but BUY something, don't just lurk, K?

A. Wagner, fine(?) images

That's all at the moment. Next up: photos from "Fall Fling", which is CVCC's version of bread and circuses placating the masses. :)



  1. I get emails of the people of Walfart all the time but it's not that bad out here in the sticks. Mostly just fat monkeys is as bad as you have to look at, or ignore.

    If you are posting photography why should they buy it when they can just take a copy of it? Feel free to take anything off of my blogs that you like, if I need extra money I have other ways to do it.

  2. Cause all the images have a "watermark" on them. But hey, if you WANT a giant poster of a beetle with the word "IMAGEKIND" written over it... ;)

  3. Being a stalker a hobby of mine is collecting art with watermarks. :-)

    Hey, have you watched FINDING BLISS? If not you really should watch it, but the ending may make you cry, it made me cry.


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