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Friday, September 10, 2010

Does Blogger piss you off too?

So has anyone else had to scroll down to see this post?
Blogger strikes again.

I was more than a little irritated to have to post pictures somewhere else...because if I posted them directly to blogger, they'd come up as broken images on my laptop. This was puzzling, because they come up just fine on the computers at school. At first I thought maybe something was wrong with the laptop; maybe the slower-than-dirt connection we have did something to the images as they load.  But no, no one else's images come in either...unless they're posted somewhere else. So my next thought was the settings on the laptop were off. But shortly after that, some images were coming in again. So it wasn't the laptop, it was Picasa, apparently. So all was right with the world. Until something got updated and now locally uploaded stuff is broken again.

Strike one.

Now, apparently if you update your header, it adds a HUGE block of empty space between it and your posts. I have no clue how to fix this; there doesn't seem to be any indication of where the lines were added in, so there isn't any way I can remove them from the HTML. It's greek to me.

Strike two. got one more chance, blogger. After that it's wordpress for me...


UPDATE: it was the stupid editor thing.... I should have known, every time I edit something it adds like 500 lines in between the paragraphs for some reason, and then I have to edit them out again. Still, they need to fix this crap if they want to keep me...... their so called "help" is nonexistant and consists mainly of a message board filled with other users who are as clueless as you are.


  1. On any given day just about anything can piss me off. My computer got sick, fucking hackers, it's in the shop.

    The other day I bought a new unit with Win 7 on it that I'm setting up, the son of a bitch won't install the Adobe player plug in on Firefox.

    I think I've driven another local woman more crazy, oh well, they're so screwed up around here that it doesn't matter anyway. And she was a lousy cusser anyway.

    Won't be anything new on my blogs until I return from camping the 20th or 21st.

    When I get back lets go kick some ass.

  2. Hey, if you go to Wordpress you damn well better let me know.

    I used to threaten to go to Wordpress also but Blog Spot and I have made peace with each other and I don't want to start learning another way of blogging and getting pissed off about how it works.

    If you need some help with Blog Spot maybe I can help you, there's an email address in my profile.

  3. Ah, the wonders of the freaking editor on Blogger. Gotta love it.

    It's gotten to the point where I type most of my posts in the "Edit HTML" tab; I've discovered the hard way that Blogger loves to screw with my formatting, my font and any links I may try and stick in my post. It's a frigging pain in the ass.


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