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Monday, September 13, 2010

Are you a scoundrel?

So yesterday afternoon were were riding home in Dent's truck. It sturck me that "House Us" (which was a temporary name anyhow) sounded a little bland and boring. I thought, what was hot right now? What would make people do a double take when they saw it?

A lot of folks like those crime shows on TV.
And then it hit me.

North Carolina Scoundrels, Inc

You dig?


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  1. Um, I don't watch a TV very often other than rented movies. My cable isn't hooked up to anything but my computer so I can have high speed internut.

    Are you a scoundrel?

    As defined in a dictionary? I don't think I am, I think that I'm a man of honor. But in my youth I may have bullshitted a few women for sex.

    Get it up, get it in, get it on, but don't mess up her hair doooooooo.


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