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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Week So Far


I'm typing along when I get a pop-up box on the computer.
"Internet connection lost! Retry?"
Turns out there's something going on with Ma Bell. We call and are told someone will be there "between now and 6PM Tuesday"

Dent tinkers with his new toy, a riding lawnmower (well, it'd be more accurate to say "Lawn Tractor" cause that's what it is), We decide Ma Bell won't be along that day, so we head out to the local hardware store to get stuff for the mower--sparkplug was fouled, so we got a new one of those. Air filter was falling *apart* (it's been sitting for three years after all), so we replaced that. Drained old oil and old gas, cleaned the hell out of it (there was a bird's nest under the hood!)

Dinner: Chicken and veggies baked in oven, lots of mashed taters.


Waiting on Ma Bell pretty much most of the day...someone finally shows up right about the time Dent gets home from work. Which is good. I don't like having strange folks at the house when I'm alone. Turns out this fellow "doesn't have the equipment" to fix whatever is going on (apparently it's out at the road, not the box). So, they'll be back Wednesday. Oh, joy.

Dent gets fresh oil and fresh gas for mower, and charges battery a little bit, just enough to see if it'll take a charge. We almost get the thing running.

Dinner: Sketti and garlic bread. I do make good garlic bread. ;)


So here I am, and the *home phone* rings. It's mister repair man! We're fixed and good to go. Yay! And so here I am.

Of course, I wasn't in a hurry to get back online: my final grades were posted. We were told if we failed something, we'd be getting an email about it...nothing new in the inbox, however, except an email stating the school's voice mail is temporary offline. Uhm. Okay. They must not have grades posted yet, there's no way I could have passed Algebra.

But I look anyhow, to see if my other grades are posted.

And nearly fall out of chair.

Algebra: C.


So for those of you who thought happy, positive thoughts for me, THANK YOU.

I can now relax and enjoy the next week-and-a-half :)



  1. Turns out there's something going on with Ma Bell.

    Ma Bell? Fuck, she died years ago when the fucking government broke her up. I don't even have a land line anymore, a pay per minute cell phone is cheaper for me.

    My high speed internut is on cable.

    I'll bet my lawn tractor is uglier than yours, but that old bitch always starts and runs. :-)

  2. Jeez, that brings back memories of the freaking Analysis class I took and passing the damned thing with a D. As to how in the hell four Fs add up to a D, I'll never know but I wasn't about to knock it. (I will never take another high level math class like that again. If I want a challenge, I'll teach myself to read Japanese like DA has.)

    So how much garlic you put on that garlic bread? If you can't smell it from a half a mile away, it needs more. (Prime doesn't want to get near me after I've made garlic bread. I kinda reek for days afterward.)


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