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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pubic Embarassment.

So I'm out for a little "me" time at the good old B&N bookstore here in Hickory. As I enter, I realize I REALLY need to pee. Good thing the kind folks here have a public restroom.

As I enter, I hear a woman in a stall, with what I assume to be her daughter. The daughter is, thankfully, almost potty trained.....thanks to lots of encouragement from mommy.

I listened to this in the next stall, for like 10 minutes:

"....Wow! You went potty! Such a big girl! Who's the big girl?"
"ME!! MEMEME!! I went pee pee! I'm big girl!"
"....hang on a second, so I can go pee pee're a big girl!"
"....Me big girl!! You too!"

After they left the stall, the converstation continued. "Can we wash our hands like a big girl? Good girl!"

And so on, it made me smile even as it made me a tad embarassed.

So I'm finishing up, and going to wash my hands, and I turn and there's another girl in there, who's like...oh... 9 or 10.... She decides to ask that burning question on her mind, and since mommy and little girl have left, naturally it fell to ME to answer it.

>pointing at tampon dispenser<

"...................What's this for?"

The best I could come up for was something along the line of "stuff you won't need till you're older..."
I mean really.



  1. No, I'm not crazy.Or on PMS.

    Oh yeah, you're fucking crazy, we're all fucking crazy. And every shrink needs a shrink.

    Crazy beats the hell out of insanity though. Even Einstein knew he was crazy so be okay with it.

    >pointing at tampon dispenser<

    Take her into the mens room and show her a condom dispenser, hahahaha

  2. I'm trying to decide if the title is intentional or not. It's a typo I've seen before, but damned if it doesn't work well here.


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