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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey Weasel

A new place to rant about the job!

"F-- My Job!"

I also find it interesting that there are sites about how your job sucks, and there are sites about other places that suck...but there is no "". Hmmm. I'm guessing there was at some point, but the assholes shut it down. That's something they'd do.


  1. Fuck your job? Hell, I don't even know what your job is. All I know is that whenever I had a job that I didn't like I quit that fucking job and moved on.

    Of course I was an expert at the things I did so I could get away with that. And I loved it when I had my own business, I always said that if you are going to work for an idiot it should be yourself.

  2. Oh man, they could get a thousand stories from me, probably more.

    From what I've heard, my company quietly bought up a bumch of "anti" websites and is simply sitting on them, so no one else can use them. Pretty scummy, if you ask me.

    Of course, if I get published, it ain't gonna matter in the end. (Here's hopin'.)


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