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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dent's new toy

Thought you guys would get a kick out of Dent's new toy. Here he is posing, in front of his other toy, the Big Blue Truck. We managed to get the mower running yesterday afternoon. There's a lot of stuff floating around in the gas line....apparently letting the thing sit for three years does WONDERS for the gas (sarcasm).

You certainly can't miss it, it's bright ass orange.

Phone line was out briefly again this morning...this time there was nothing at all--no dial tone, no noise. Dead line. It came back up soon after fortunately, so I didn't have to go stomp some workman's rear end. They've been doing a lot of work on the box at the end of the street for the last month or so, "Upgrading" (yet they still refuse to bring DSL. Losers.) This time, EVERYONE'S phone seemed to be out, so it wasn't as bad for me. Misery loves company after all.

Have a good 'un.


  1. It sure is pretty compared to mine. Mine would win a ugly mower contest/chili feed. Well, got a little redneck in me.

    Why has he got that big of a truck? Mine is just a Dakota and it serves me well, doesn't anyone give a fuck about this planet anymore?

    Fuck comment moderation, I'm not doing it, it's a pain in the ass, I'll turn them off before I do that again.

  2. But can it transform into a robot? ;)


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