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Monday, August 30, 2010

10 things you don't care S---t about.

--I am left handed. This means I am bass awkward and in my right mind.
--However, I use *right handed* scissors. This confused EVERYONE in school.
--My biggest pet peeve: being stared at. Especially when I'm eating--go get your own.
--Secret Sin: lately, it's reruns of Scrubs. Weird for me, cause I have trouble sitting through anything, much less a syndicated comedy about needles and whether or not J.D. really cares about that dumb stuffed dog.
--Bestest snack EVAH: boiled peanuts. For those of you folks who live under a rock (AKA the northern US,) and you have no clue what those are, go here.
--Collections: raccoons (no, not real ones), lately I've been collecting houseplants.
--Fav color: I'm not sure I really have one. I wear a lot of blue and purple, but I wouldn't say they're favorites....
--Least favorite school subject: Math. Iz. Hard. And. Sucks. A. Lot.
--Favorite subject: Anything involving plants, planting, and oh yeah...plants.... ;)
--Other hobbies: Reading, watching Jeopardy!, cooking, taking pictures, annoying people. Gardening is pretty high up there, blogging, uhhhhh.... anything that'll hold my short attention span for longer than 5 minutes.

Coming soon: random snapshots from school.


  1. I tried boiled peanuts when we were visiting Florida. I liked them. However, boiled peanuts are not served in NJ so us northerners don't get to taste them unless we go traveling south.

    Instead, we eat roasted peanuts and peanut butter.

  2. Um, I'm left handed, we're fucking special.

    Ah shit, ya tripped me, I've heard of boiled peanuts but have never had any. Don't suppose I could eat them anyway, had my teeth pulled when I heard that women like to have their nipples gummed.

    I've always wore a lot of blues, it works well with my eyes.

    I raise Aloe Vera's and an apple three that hates me and won't die in spite of what I do to it. Oh, and I manage to keep some Hens & Chicks alive.

  3. Mmmm, boiled peanuts. Haven't had those things in forever. At least WI has good cheese to fill in that void. :)


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