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Friday, July 30, 2010

So why even ask??

......A person asks a question, because he or she wants answers, yes?

So you reply as honestly as you can, to the best of your ability, only to be "put down" for the answer you provide....

So why even ask the question if you don't like the answers?

I guess a better question is why would I continue to answer, when it's obvious all he or she is looking for is an oppertunity to pick a fight. That's two separate people now....

This has nothing to do with "constructive criticism" or any bullshit like that, folks. This is looking for an excuse to argue. I didn't come here to argue. I'm certainly not naming any names here. You know who you are.

So if you post a question, think about the answers you receive. It's your question. Not mine. Remember this if you don't like the answers you get posted in reply. Remember sometimes the answers we get aren't the ones we want. But it's the answers that make sense to other points of view. Remember this.

Go ahead, try to start an arguement here. I moderate the comments here, for that reason.

I'm here to write and share my quite ordinary life. Not push you along in your pram.


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