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Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Pies!

So in the effort to appear any which way but Martha Stewart, I attempted to bake a blueberry pie Thursday. Yes, it's smiling at you. It's a happy pie.

Of course, it wasn't happy for long, it was pretty much gone by Sunday. So it was goodbye blueberry pie, hello strawberry pie. No, I don't have a picture of this. Dent dug into it before I could grab the camera. But I can tell you it was good... I did the graham cracker crust-with-whipped-cream-top kind of pie, like they serve at diners.

........Am I the only one hungry now??

Right now at this very instant, I'm sitting in the school library. Next to this dude who looks like he's trying to be Johnny Depp. Seriously. Right down to the goofy glasses and hat. Unless you want to dress as a pirate, buddy, I ain't interested. Ha ha ha. Poser.

...took first final exam today. Said exam consisted of copying what notes we took last week. Exact same damn test. Instructor is SO odd. I tried taking it without looking at my notes, although I am sure I missed some stuff, at least my grade will be honest.

This next semester ought to be interesting. We'll see how many punks will show up, because mommy and daddy are paying for college. And how many said punks will drop out after about two weeks because they don't want to be at school at 8 in the morning. Well neither do I, but I'm here aren't I? I guess it's different when you're paying for it yourself, isn't it?

Some dude was wandering around the ELS building, looking at the bumblebees humming around the roses.... told him not to let the bees go up his nose. He looked bright enough. >sarcasm<

Looking foreward to the break we're supposed to be getting in a couple of weeks... Will be totally burnt out by then.... School does that to me, especially algebra.

Take time to smell the pie!

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