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Monday, June 21, 2010

Is it messed up when

--When you buy gingko to improve your memory, and then forget to take it?

--When you google one of your previous addresses, and it's now listed as the home as a registered sex offender?

--When you take a picture of a cool old tree by the side of the road, and the next day someone cuts it down?

My life tends to run in circles, but sometimes it just gets plain WEIRD.

Happy Summer Solstice.


  1. Well, I've tried taking St. John's Wort to improve my mood, but taking pills pisses me off. So yeah, that negates the whole damn thing.

    Though finding out one of my previous addresses is home to a sex offender would weird me out. And force me to take a very hot shower. (Eeeeewwww!)

  2. If it is, it'll probably be by a few degrees. You ought to be here in Florida right now. Orlando is like a warm, wet sponge. (Glad Prime and I are heading back home tomorrow.)


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