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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Some things DO improve with age. And then there's you. (just kidding!)
I have a question for you superstitious folks out there. If a *4* leaf clover means good luck, what does THIS mean? No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, there's a fifth lil leaf sticking up out of the top. I do find those occasionally floating around. And a long looooooong time ago, I found one with *6* leaves (5 spread out in a palm shape and one sticking out of the top--wish I'd of saved it...)



  1. I need that blasted sign. Badly. (If you were to here me and Prime go at it, you'd understand why.)

    I envy you. I have no luck with clovers. My super-awesome finding abilities are limited to VW bugs and yellow 2010 Camaros.

  2. Hey, we all have our ins and outs... The important thing is not that you never argue...but that you can work out those arguements like adults. Something divorce lawyers hate when you finally realize. ;)

    I sometimes wonder if the four and five leaf clovers aren't "committing suicide" by bringing themselves to my attention. Cause where I see one, I see several, and of course I have to pick them all. It's kinda creepy.

    You have the best talent of all: you find stuff you like. :)



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