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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear Mister Kung-Fu Guy

......I feel a little bad about not stopping to pick you up. I mean, there you were, walking up highway 10, twirling your little walkie twirlie stick thing. It didn't occur until about three miles later that the broken down RV parked up at the package store was yours, although the little painted kung-fu guy on the side ought to have clued me in. And you looked so handsome dressed up as David Carridine from Kung Fu! Or Kirin from Dragonball, I'm not sure which. You were bald, and I'm sure that meant something.

At any rate, I'm not sure your 6-foot walking stick would have fit in my Kia....But you looked like you were having fun, even though the nearest gas station was 5 miles away, and you were walking in the wrong direction for the closest auto parts store (even though they weren't open yet).

Sorry. But I hope you can get that kung-fu mobile moving again.

Good Luck!

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