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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Will the REAL Brandon Cashwell PLEASE stand up?

Have you ever googled some one's name? Someone you haven't seen in years and years? And then the possibilities pop up and you think, "Could THAT be him?" or "Is THAT what she's doing?" I am puzzled at the choices I am left today.

Is he a world class poker player now?

Perhaps he is doing cartoon voices. That would be appropriate, Given that we lived in an area that had an anime distributor, and had a friend who wanted to do that also.

I kind of doubt he's selling used auto parts, but you never know.

I am aware there are more than one of you... THIS certainly can't be you. You liked cats, and that is NOT your mom. Although this kinda reminds me of your little sister.

This doesn't sound like you at all.

If any of these were you, feel free to chime in "who the hell are you?"
Because the Brandon I knew probably isn't any of these people. You probably still work at Taco Bell, and live in the camper next to your parent's house. With 12 Siamese cats.
Don't laugh. You know I'm right.

But that's ok. According to this site, I live in the UK and study biology. I am also over 100 years old, and do art in my spare time. I also really REALLY like maps. HEY!! How did you get in my house, Why am I in Oakland? And when did I acquire a (Hispanic) husband?! Dent will be SO surprised. Hee hee. Oh, and I contribute music to movie scores. Don't forget that. ;)

Ain't the 'Net a wonderous thing?

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