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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Day 2

I woke to rain this morning. This was good; this means I don't have to drag out that garden hose just yet and water the garden. I drag out more red clay than anything. Man, that crap is so bad it *sticks* to my *bare feet*. Welcome to gardening, southern-style.

Still waiting on my final grades from last semester. I know enough to know I passed math class (cause the teach emailed and said so), but I don't know what I got.

"You got country in my hip-hop!"
"You got hip-hop in my country!"
An odd mix, if there ever was one. But funny. Makes one want to go get some chicken and biscuits RIGHT DAMN NOW!!

Speaking of redneck, the NASCAR Hall of Fame opened its doors this morning. Feel free to laugh.

Here's hoping most of you had at least a somewhat enjoyable mother's day.



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