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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Staycation redux

Day 3

The sun is playing peek-a-boo today. It's a little warmer than yesterday. The trees outside are just a-wavin'.

In other news, my grades FINALLY came in! YAY! And, because I know you care SO much, I'm going to post them.

Math: C (Meh.)
Intro to Landscaping: A
Plant I.D. : B
Landscape Management: B
Plant Propogation: A (this shocked the crap out of me; what were we graded on??)

This leaves me with a dilemma; now I have to listen to the "Why did I do better than you in Math when you have all day to study?"speech from Dent, who got a B. Well, DUH. You have a better head for math than I do. I got a C.Meaning I'm not a GENIUS, but I know enough to proceed to the next level. You did better. Deal with it.

In other domestic like newsy stuff, I managed to make a cake yesterday afternoon. I donned my fancy apron ($10 at Big Lots... LOL) and went to work. I ain't no Martha Stewart, but I do think it came out pretty good. Yes, there are sprinkles on the top. DEAL.

Dent got into the act, too. Here he is saying "OOOO! CAKE!!" He's so cute about that kind of thing.



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