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Thursday, April 1, 2010

You might be a redneck if......

So I'm zipping along highway 10 this afternoon, class got out a little early and I'm heading out to take my little green darlings home that I've been growing in school. It's time to plant them in the ground, and I don't want to leave them in a hot car all day.

Coming round a curve, I see a strange sight:

A semi-tractor trailer. Just sitting there in the other lane.

My first thought: "Is that idiot waiting to turn left?"
My second thought: "No...his flashers are on. Must be broken down."

At this point I'm noticing the cars that were behind him, driving through the grass on the right--because they can't see around the truck to pass on the left, like they're supposed to.

My third thought: "Not a good place to park that thing, buddy."

Right about this point, I've passed the truck. I spot the driver, about a quarter of a mile behind, walking back to his truck. He's carrying something.

Spare tire? Gas can?


He's carrying, by one foot, a dead wild turkey hen.

So let me get this straight, y'all.

You are on a *highway*. You park a *semi* near a *blind curve* IN the highway. So you can walk back and catch a turkey?! I say 'catch' because it didn't look like it had been hit by a car....


I hear banjos. Hold me.


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  1. :facepalm:
    Well, people here in WI love to pick up the roadkill deer and field dress the stupid things. (Why does that sound like a friggin' redneck joke?!)


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